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From soaking in the sunshine at the pool to taking in the night sky around a campfire, Zion on the 9 has all of the amenities to make your say one to remember.

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Stay & Play

Enjoy all of the magic that Zion on the 9 has to offer

It’s not just about the stay, it’s about the play too! Zion on the 9 is complete with an acre containing a pool and hot tub, our “boujee barn” – the perfect place to relax, play games, and watch a movie – food & dining, farm animals, and more! Come on in and explore your new favorite destination.

The Boujee Barn

Discover Rustic Charm at Boujee Barn

Nestled on the Zion on the 9 property, the Boujee Barn offers a charming and rustic setting perfect for fun, relaxation, and gatherings. Enjoy on-site dining, various games, and movie nights in this uniquely delightful venue.

Pool & Hot Tub

Luxurious Pool & Hot Tub Retreat

Experience ultimate relaxation in our luxurious pool and hot tub. Perfect for unwinding after a day of adventure, our facilities offer a serene escape with breathtaking views. Enjoy a refreshing swim or a soothing soak under the stars.

Luxury Bathhouse

Indulge in Elegance Outdoors

Step into our adjacent luxury bathhouse, designed to complement your glamping tent or airstream experience. Featuring modern amenities and elegant fixtures, it provides a refreshing and stylish space for your comfort and convenience. Perfect for a rejuvenating start or a relaxing end to your day.

Breakfest In Bed

Savor Breakfast in Bed Comfort

Enjoy the luxury of breakfast delivered directly to your door. Indulge in a carefully crafted menu featuring fresh, local ingredients while you relax and take in the morning views from the comfort of your bed. A perfect start to your adventure-filled day.

Meet Bucko & Maybelline

Meet Your Neighbors, Ready For Your Arrival To Lighten Up Your Stay


Experience Charm Up Close

Experience the joy of interacting with Bucko, our beloved horse, during your stay. Bucko loves greeting guests and adds a touch of rural charm to your visit. Perfect for animal lovers and families, spending time with Bucko is a memorable way to connect with nature and enjoy the peaceful, pastoral setting. Don’t forget to bring some carrots for a friendly treat!


Unwind with Our Resident Pony

Get up close and personal with Maybelline, the miniature horse who calls our property home. Guests of all ages adore her friendly demeanor and pint-sized charm. Spend some time getting to know her; she’s always eager to meet new friends and add a touch of joy to your stay. Maybelline’s presence is a delightful reminder of the unique experiences that await you here.

The Essentials

Discover the quintessence of comfort with our curated amenities, each selected to elevate your stay into a seamless experience of leisure and pleasure.

The Greater Zion Area

Embark on scenic adventures at nearby iconic parks, from majestic canyons and serene reservoirs to vibrant sand dunes and red-rock havens, all a stone's throw away.

Zion National Park

Immerse yourself in the majesty of towering cliffs and stunning canyons. Hiking enthusiasts can tread along the Virgin River or ascend to Angels Landing for breathtaking panoramic views. From serene strolls to strenuous climbs, Zion caters to all levels of outdoor lovers.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Witness the otherworldly splendor of crimson-colored hoodoos and expansive amphitheaters. Meander through the Peek-A-Boo Loop, and as the sun sets, gaze at the night sky for an unrivaled stargazing experience. Bryce Canyon is a sanctuary where the artistry of nature is on full display.

Sand Hollow State Park

Dive into a desert oasis where you can swim, boat, and fish in the vibrant blue waters or explore the sandy dunes on an off-road adventure. This park combines the thrill of water sports with the allure of sandy exploration, offering a distinctive recreational space.

Quail Creek State Park

Set out for a day of tranquility or adrenaline at this picturesque reservoir. Renowned for its warm waters and mild winter climate, it’s perfect for year-round fishing, boating, and paddleboarding. The reservoir’s backdrop of rolling hills and red rock landscapes paints a perfect picture of tranquility.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Marvel at the shifting seas of coral-hued sand dunes, accessible for hiking, photography, or thrilling dune-buggy rides. This park serves as a living canvas, with winds sculpting dunes that are both a playground for adventure and a marvel of the natural world.

Red Cliffs National Area

Explore a tapestry of red rock formations, canyons, and protected habitats. Hike to see prehistoric dinosaur tracks, discover hidden waterfalls, or picnic in the shade of a towering cliff. It’s a place where history and recreation intersect against a stunning geological backdrop.